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CyberAssist Platform

Our system is the first management platform- as-service to unify all documentation, training, monitoring and automated threat notifications in one centralized location allowing corporations to respond more quickly and effectively to cyber events.


Organizations can better respond when they're prepared and ready. Stakeholders should collaborate to assess risks, and develop policies and procedures that have both the technical and the legal compliance perspectives considered. Teams can easily administer and track training to ensure they know what to do in the event of a cyber attack. Implement each step with ease by scheduling and managing project tasks from a central communications hub.


IT can easily organize and monitor server and device logs and end-point threat detection with automated notifications as well as oversee role-based access. Legal can monitor compliance of training and can be notified rapidly when there is an event requiring a coordinated response.


Shortening the response time to an event can mean the difference between a mere incident and a serious breach. The central communication hub enables all relevant stakeholders to be quickly notified for a coordinated response to cyber events to prevent and limit loss. Additionally, regulatory compliance response is made easy via the centralized cyber security event management platform.



The only constant in life is change. To be effective, cyber security programs require regular review as threats evolve and business needs change. CyberAssist provides the platform to easily review everything in one centralized location.

Corporate Solutions Brief

Law Firm Solutions Brief

Manage your Company's Security and Compliance with CYBERASSIST™

CyberAssist provides a solid foundation or enhances an existing cyber security program for your organization and is built upon proven Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure that offers world-class security and availability. Law firms and their corporate clients can get up and running with CyberAssist quickly — the time to value is days not months. CyberAssist is a single-instance multi-tenant software. Platform updates are automatic, which free up IT and other valuable resources. Legal and Compliance teams can focus on developing policies, procedures, and training to ensure compliance and reduce potential liability.

Reduce Risk, Cost and Response Time by Centralizing Cyber Security

Event Management

Cyber security is complex. Multiple people and systems can be involved. Using CyberAssist as your single unified cyber security and compliance management platform makes it easier and more efficient for relevant stakeholders to be automatically notified of an event, manage breaches, communicate securely, assess impact and implement corrective measures – thereby quickly mitigating further potential damage. Risk is further mitigated because both in-house and outside counsel can promptly take action and oversee the response. CyberAssist can also provide outside counsel with unique insight into their clients’ cyber security initiatives while providing opportunities for ongoing consultation to continuously meet clients’ needs.

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